Christine Weppner - Redhead Development

web and app design

Making beautiful things for others has always been a passion of mine but developing websites, applications, multimedia or any other interactive project is where the excitement is! If you are looking to put some color and energy into your digital environment, check out my resume and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you have!


Old and outdated HTML can be easily converted into proper semantic HTML5. If you are looking to make your website more dynamic, then ask me about incorporating some HTML5 APIs!


From designing your custom Flexbox layout to using appropriate CSS3 attribute selectors, your website or application will be constructed properly and meticulously.


When the need arises to have forms, file handling, manipulate browser cookies or website content, PHP is the tool for the job! PHP can connect your website to a database and retain a great amount of information for future use or client reference.


Without jQuery, your interactive project may only be functioning at 75%. Keep usability up to speed and page events universally compatible across a multitude of browsers by adding in this awesome JavaScript library.


For mobile compatibility, Bootstrap is definitely the way to go! If your website or application isn't keeping up with modern day technology, you are missing out!


With the variety of scripting frameworks out there today, comes a need to have a solid understanding of the JavaScript DOM and the knowledge to traverse it. Used correctly, JavaScript can add life and usability into any project and remain cross-platform compatible.